As I mentioned in the last post, my course of learning will be mostly guided by the course I was applying to. They cover the following major areas of CB:
The discerning reader may note that Computational Neuroscience has apparently nothing to do with the other subjects, and the relevance of Systems Biology is somewhat tenuous. That's the great thing about CB - it's got bits in from all over :)

Other Areas

There's some CB-related stuff I want to discuss that for one reason or another isn't mentioned in the syllabus. I'll list it here:
  • Statistics
  • Genetic Algorithms
Field pages

I'll be creating a page for each course/field*, which will briefly summarise what these fields are about as I understand them. These summaries will contain (at a minimum) the following information:
  • What problem the field is intended to address
  • A brief description of how the field accomplishes this
  • A list of the books I have read or am reading on the subject
  • A list of the posts I've written on the subject
The field pages will be heavily edited as time goes by. In particular, the lists of books and posts will necessarily be extremely short or nonexistent to start with.

* On reflection, since I'm not going to actually be exploring these subjects in the context of a degree course, it's more appropriate to describe them as fields than as courses.


Some posts do not fit into the above structure. In particular, personal posts have no home to call their own. They'll be listed here, at least until there's too many for this to be convenient.

Welcome to my world
A little background
A real-life academic ethics dilemma
Well, that's the last you'll see of me for a week
Personal update
Back in business


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