Welcome to my world

This is just a quick introductory post to let anyone reading this know what the point of this blog is.

The long version: I'm a maths student who recently developed a fetish for computational biology. The problem here is that, whilst I love the concept, I know very little about the actual details of the subject. To rectify the situation, I need to put myself through some kind of vaguely focused course of study.

Option A was to take a course in the subject. I had my eye set on one in particular. However, today I got my finals results and discovered that I probably don't have a good enough class of degree to get into the course. Hence option B.

Option B is to voraciously read everything in sight, to do as much experimentation as possible (the advantage of CB being that this can often be done at a standard desktop), and to write it all up. That's what this blog is for. It will be a horribly-unstructured mass of subjects that strike me as complex, interesting or otherwise blog-worthy. I guarantee the accuracy of absolutely nothing in here, and any errors are certainly the fault of myself, rather than my sources.

The short version: ooh! Cool computerey stuff!

I'll wait for a few posts before I sort out the blogroll, start trackbacking stuff, and otherwise make my presence felt. This is because I have an occasional regrettable tendency to start something then baulk when I realise that it's going to require actual effort. If that happens here, I'd rather people not know about it in the first place :)

Disclaimer: I do have other web identities, as well as a real-world one. I will attempt to keep this identity as separate as possible from the others. The limiting factor here will be the fact that my starting point in study of CB is going to be the syllabus of the course I was applying to.


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