Personal update

Sadly I didn't get into the MPhil program. This was precisely what I'd expected, so it's not exactly a shock to the system.

I now have one major goal: to make them wish they had taken me. To this end, I'll be posting about more advanced topics, possibly skipping chunks of background material in the process. If I have time, or if anyone has special requests, I'll go back and post about this missing material, but the end goal is to bring myself up to scratch on the various elements of computational biology as quickly as humanly possible.

Assistance in achieving this goal is greatly appreciated. The small number of people who have found this blog have already been incredibly helpful. Advice on any of the following is gratefully received:

1) Suggestions for material to look at, for example:
a) books
b) papers
c) articles
d) programs

2) critical analysis of posts[1], in particular:
a) readability
b) accuracy

3) Absolutely anything else that you feel would improve either the blog or my understanding

And once I'm up to scratch on all fronts, and my blog is getting hits from millio thousa hundreds of people who are interested in learning more about CB from the educational resource I've produced, maybe someone from the Cambridge CB dept will wander across it, and read for a bit, and absentmindedly think "shame we didn't accept this guy's offer".

And I'll be satisfied.

[1] Please consider this an open invitation to be as bitchy as you please - I won't take it personally :)


Anonymous Francois Rivest said...

Then maybe you should think about humility ;)

7/02/2006 3:13 pm  
Blogger Coalescent said...


Just for the record, the grandiose claims were mostly intended to be vaguely sardonic. Hence the crossings-out.

To the extent that they're not sardonic*, my motivation is to boost my self-respect rather than to rub their noses in it. I feel I've failed somewhat in not getting on the MPhil course, so I'm happily fantasising about erasing that blight on my record.

* I do think that this blog could go places. My experience has been that content + good writing = popularity. I need to work on both sides of the summation, of course.

7/03/2006 12:52 am  
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